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Why threads of success?

Hi there. I’m Cheryl Sleboda, and about 10 years ago I started a little quilting merchandise and teaching sole proprietorship while I worked a full time job. At that time, there were very few resources for me to learn about our industry. While I spent my days teaching comic book stores how to be better business folks, I struggled to learn who to talk to about how the sewing and quilting industry ran.

When I first heard about Threads of Success, I could not wait to be part of it. I had already been looking at conferences for small businesses, but they were targeting general small business owners and not specifically covering our industry. That said, I was already ready to plunk down close to $1500 for learning about business analytics, marketing, social media, and more from people who aren’t even aware of how the sewing industry works. I considered that I could take the ideas and adapt them to my business somehow or make a networking connection that might be beneficial. Then Threads of Success was announced.

I have said this many times, in many places, but it’s 100% true. Threads of Success is the exact education I wish was available to me as a new small business owner 10 years ago. I wanted to learn what to do from experts in the field, and that’s exactly what we have brought together in this conference.

Threads of Success is an investment, sure. It’s an investment in you. It’s to give you the leg up and boost some of us who have been doing this a long time never had. It’s to empower you to go out and create the sewing and quilting business of your dreams. It’s to put you in touch with a room full of people who are looking to make connections and collaborations. It’s to give you the best tips and tricks our experts have to offer.

They say rising tides raises all boats. Our industry will surely thrive with businesses like yours, armed with the right kind of industry knowledge to help push us all forward. The next big pattern, fabric launch, or hot selling book will be in the room at Threads of Success…will it be you?


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