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In this seventh in a series of mini-interviews, learn more about our Threads of Success speakers and their presentations!

On Saturday, October 26, from 2:30-3:15 pm, Kimberly Einmo will be presenting the seminar “Where Do I Fit In? Finding Your Niche.” And on Sunday, October 27, she will be giving the luncheon session lecture “Say Yes! (Then Figure It Out).”

Why did you want to participate in the Threads of Success conference?

I was so pleased to hear about this new conference because I believe in mentorship and helping others find their creative voice in this unique and dynamic industry. Being asked to present is an honor for me. I’ve been generously helped by so many people through the years when I was just starting out over 20 years ago. It’s a privilege for me to pay these kindnesses forward to the next generation of needlecraft industry influencers.

What was the biggest challenge for you in breaking into this business?

There have been many challenges over the years! When I was starting out, the internet was still relatively new, and learning how to harness the effectiveness of an online presence and influence through social media was something people were learning to do on the fly. Finding my niche was another one of my biggest challenges. At first, I wanted to do it all. But I realized over time that you can’t do it all or be everything to everyone. Learning where you fit in takes time and is an ongoing process which fluctuates as the industry changes.

What is the one piece of advice you wish you knew then that you do now?

Be true to your own creative inner voice. Follow your heart and share your creative passion openly. Everything else will fall into place.

What is the most important thing you hope people take away from your presentation?

I strive to be a blessing to others in everything I say or do, so I hope people will come away feeling uplifted, encouraged, and inspired. I want people to leave feeling like they can take on the world and let their own unique, inner beauty shine through their creativity which will, in turn, bless others! I also hope they come away feeling like it’s OK to make mistakes and laugh when things don’t always go according to plan (which they won’t!) I’ve got some great, humorous stories to share. I’m the first one to laugh at my own mistakes where I’ve learned a thing or two along the way.

Any other comments?

I believe this new conference will be an invaluable tool to helping the industry movers and shakers of tomorrow put their feet on the right paths to success today! It’s all about confidence-building, affirmation, and learning how to avoid certain pitfalls along the way. The networking opportunities will be amazing. Attendees will have unprecedented access to some of the current industry giants. It’s a chance for them to ask all sorts of questions and get great tips of what works and what doesn’t. I wish this conference had existed when I was just starting out in the business!

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